Sell on CS Market

Professionals and individuals can easily sell online their products and competences in one of the different categories or sub-categories of CS Market. Only items that reflect a high level of ecotechnology and sustainability can be listed in the Climate Show Market. No need to be an exhibitor at the Climate Show to sell you items on CS Market. However, being an exhibitor at the International Climate Show gives you some advantages (See advantages page for exhibitors of the Climate Show). You might register as a vendor any time of the year and sell your items on CS Market.

How to Apply

Step 1

The products or services that you offer must fit one of the categories and sub-categories of the CS Market related to sustainable development, carbon emission reductions and the promotion of climate protection and all related services.

Step 2

You need to fill the vendor registration form and include a description of your products or services and a link to your website if available.

Step 3

CS Market Team will evaluate your request and get back to you within 48h.

Costs for selling your products on CS Market

You pay nothing if you do not sell anything!

Your registration to sell products on CS Market is free, you pay only 8.5% on the price of each item sold only if you use the credit card payement system. No need to be an exhibitor of the Climate Show to sell you products on the CS Market.

Vendor Registration Form