AQUA-4D Water Solutions

Though a Swiss eco-friendly technology, Aqua4D® brings advanced and sustainable solutions for agriculture.

In 2004, after years of extensive research, Swiss clean-tech company Aqua-4D Water Solutions developed an innovative system to permanently transform the physical structure of water and elements in it.

Aqua-4D®️ reduces water consumption between 20 to 30%, and a better use of fertilizers while improving yields and crop quality. This swiss innovative technology increases nutrients absorption by the plant, reduces soil conductivity and nematodes population. It also cleans pipes and drippers against clogging from mineral and organic deposits.

Our company has a team of engineers and agronomists who work together with our clients delivering the best sustainable solutions for agriculture.

Download AQUA-4D Brochure (PDF) for more information.

Agolin Ruminant

Methane reducing concept for ruminants

AGOLIN® RUMINANT is the Company’s flagship product. It’s a blend of high quality plant extracts from medicinal herbs and spices, which is effective, innovative, easy to use and safe. Research trials demonstrate AGOLIN’s potential to influence the rumen microbiota positively. Larger rumen bacteria populations and a reduced number of protozoa were discovered when AGOLIN was fed to cows. The feed additive produces rumen responses, both in vitro and in vivo, such as reduced methane and ammonia production in the rumen that leads to better energy and protein utilisation and consequently improved productivity in the animals.

AGOLIN SA (Switzerland) develops, produces and markets innovative feed additives, based on botanical compounds, which are effective, innovative, easy to use and safe.

Agolin’s products are produced in its modern plant in Bière (Switzerland). Its facilities comply with all Swiss and EU regulations. Agolin is committed to the highest quality requirements. Our customers can rely on our strict quality control criteria and quality assurance.