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Smart Living

Plateforme de services innovants et évolutifs d’habitat intelligent, notre solution Smart Living permet la maîtrise et l’optimisation de la consommation d’énergie, l’augmentation du niveau de confort et de sécurité des habitants… [Click on image to read more]


Destinée aux nouveaux projets immobiliers, notre solution Microgrid en contracting répond aux impératifs écologiques et légaux. Elle associe un réseau local privé intelligent et une production d’énergie renouvelable… [Click on image to read more]

One Creation

ONE CREATION Cooperative is a B Corp company bringing a dedicated instrument to the investors community to support the rapid development of environmental technologies through a global multisector approach… [Click on image to read more]


REVOPACK is a volume reduction solution for the different types of packaging waste (bottling, beverage bricks, tinplate and aluminium), intended for all municipal and industrial waste collection points and mass retailing… [Click on image to read more]


This tool makes it possible to measure the moisture content of the wood chips, as well as their mass, which makes it possible to directly determine the quantity of energy during their delivery or consumption… [Click on image to read more]


GEOEG provides integrated solutions to apply a revolutionary technology for the structural support and energy supply of built environments: energy geostructures… [Click on image to read more]

Enairys HyPES Systems

HyPES systems are robust and sustainable solution mainly intended to provide clean energy efficiency and autonomy to electricity consumers in replacement to electrochemical batteries and diesel generators… [Click on image to read more]

The eSMART-building

The eSMART-building brings together all of an apartment’s basic functions on one wall-mounted touchscreen. They can also be accessed remotely via a smartphone application…. [Click on image to read more]

Insolight’s Solar Panels

Insolight’s solar panels are based on a patent pending optical micro‐tracking technology, which captures and concentrates sunlight on ultra-­‐efficient solar cells… [Click on image to read more]

Catch a Car

Catch a Car offers independence and mobility. The idea is simple: as a member, you find and reserve one of the 100 Catch-Cars via smartphone or website and drive it from A to B… [Click on image to read more]

EPTES – Recycling Food Waste

We offer turnkey processes implementation for the valorization of the following biomass : orange peels, coffee grounds, apples and oranges… [Click on image to read more]


NovaLight is a street lighting remote control solution, which allows to decrease by more than 70% the energy consumption of street lighting. Several strategies are available… [Click on image to read more]

Joulia Inline

With “Joulia-inline” technology, heat recovery is very attractive. This scalable heat recovery module is invisibly integrated into a slim channel in the shower floor… [Click on image to read more]

Prime Energy Cleantech

PrimeEnergy Cleantech SA offers you to invest directly in photovoltaic solar power projects in Switzerland and Europe. We provide you with Green Bonds… [Click on image to read more]

Expert Isolation

EXPERT ISOLATIONS est une société Genevoise spécialisée en Isolation Périphérique des Bâtiments et en Assainissement de Façades auprès des Particuliers…. [Click on image to read more]

Istituto di scienze e technologie molecolari

ISTM offers a wide range of research services in the field of renewable materials and in particular of food waste valorization (mainly farm to fork waste)… [Click on image to read more]

Energy Coach – Big Effects

Energy Coach vous permet d’obtenir des conseils personnalisés dans cinq domaines pour réaliser des économies d’énergie. Vous pouvez personnaliser l’application… [Click on image to read more]

EPTES Eco-Fragrances

Eco-fragrances technical grade are 100% extracted from natural biomass and bioproducts of the food and beverages industries. These eco-fragrances are produced through valorization processes… [Click on image to read more]

AQUA-4D Water Solutions

Aqua4D® brings advanced and sustainable solutions for agriculture. Aqua-4D®️ reduces water consumption between 20 to 30%, and a better use of fertilizers… [Click on image to read more]

Ecotech Énergies

Ecotech Énergies is a leading player in building energy optimization. Our company has around 20 employees with 15 years of experience. Our company has around 20 employees… [Click on image to read more]

Dufour Aerospace

Dufour Aerospace is building the aEro 2, an advanced electric aircraft that brings you from your doorstep to nearly anywhere you want over 5 times faster than a car… [Click on image to read more]

Agolin Ruminant

AGOLIN® RUMINANT is the Company’s flagship product. It’s a blend of high quality plant extracts from medicinal herbs and spices, which is effective, innovative… [Click on image to read more]


Compte tenu de sa propulsion 100% électrique, de son architecture ultralégère (420 kg) et de sa construction en matériaux recyclables, Aventor est une monoplace propre… [Click on image to read more]


Equipement de déconditionnement de biodéchets innovant qui permet d’extraire un substrat organique de qualité supérieure avec moins de 0,5 % d’impuretés… [Click on image to read more]