Enairys HyPES Systems

HyPES systems are robust and sustainable solution mainly intended to provide clean energy efficiency and autonomy to electricity consumers in replacement to electrochemical batteries and diesel generators… [Click on image to read more]

The eSMART-building

The eSMART-building brings together all of an apartment’s basic functions on one wall-mounted touchscreen. They can also be accessed remotely via a smartphone application…. [Click on image to read more]

Insolight’s Solar Panels

Insolight’s solar panels are based on a patent pending optical micro‐tracking technology, which captures and concentrates sunlight on ultra-­‐efficient solar cells… [Click on image to read more]


NovaLight is a street lighting remote control solution, which allows to decrease by more than 70% the energy consumption of street lighting. Several strategies are available… [Click on image to read more]

Joulia Inline

With “Joulia-inline” technology, heat recovery is very attractive. This scalable heat recovery module is invisibly integrated into a slim channel in the shower floor… [Click on image to read more]

Prime Energy Cleantech

PrimeEnergy Cleantech SA offers you to invest directly in photovoltaic solar power projects in Switzerland and Europe. We provide you with Green Bonds… [Click on image to read more]

Expert Isolation

EXPERT ISOLATIONS est une société Genevoise spécialisée en Isolation Périphérique des Bâtiments et en Assainissement de Façades auprès des Particuliers…. [Click on image to read more]

Energy Coach – Big Effects

Energy Coach vous permet d’obtenir des conseils personnalisés dans cinq domaines pour réaliser des économies d’énergie. Vous pouvez personnaliser l’application… [Click on image to read more]

Ecotech Énergies

Ecotech Énergies is a leading player in building energy optimization. Our company has around 20 employees with 15 years of experience. Our company has around 20 employees… [Click on image to read more]