REVOPACK is a volume reduction solution for the different types of packaging waste (bottling, beverage bricks, tinplate and aluminium), intended for all municipal and industrial waste collection points and mass retailing… [Click on image to read more]


This tool makes it possible to measure the moisture content of the wood chips, as well as their mass, which makes it possible to directly determine the quantity of energy during their delivery or consumption… [Click on image to read more]

EPTES – Recycling Food Waste

We offer turnkey processes implementation for the valorization of the following biomass : orange peels, coffee grounds, apples and oranges… [Click on image to read more]

Istituto di scienze e technologie molecolari

ISTM offers a wide range of research services in the field of renewable materials and in particular of food waste valorization (mainly farm to fork waste)… [Click on image to read more]

EPTES Eco-Fragrances

Eco-fragrances technical grade are 100% extracted from natural biomass and bioproducts of the food and beverages industries. These eco-fragrances are produced through valorization processes… [Click on image to read more]


Equipement de déconditionnement de biodéchets innovant qui permet d’extraire un substrat organique de qualité supérieure avec moins de 0,5 % d’impuretés… [Click on image to read more]