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The eSMART-building

The eSMART-building brings together all of an apartment’s basic functions on one wall-mounted touchscreen. They can also be accessed remotely via a smartphone application.

  • Videophone;
  • Heating regulation, room-by-room;
  • Energy consumption monitoring in real-time with consumption history (electricity, heating and hot water);
  • Lighting, blind and socket management (optional)

The touchscreen offers many advanced interactive communication features:

  • the possibility to set and monitor energy targets;
  • local area information, weather, news and public transport information;
  • leave messages (virtual sticky notes) and edit the family diary;
  • the possiblity to receive information from the property management company or concierge.

eSMART systems work with modules which offer advanced Power Line Carrier (PLC) technology and which are located behind standard electrical equipment (e.g. sockets and switches). Therefore, no electrical switchboard intervention or bus line is required. Fully upgradeable, the systems can be supplemented freely with other eSMART modules and products that use radio Z-Wave technology.

Delivery: Europe